Being neither one nor the one but both 2021





둘 중 어느 것도 아니면서 둘 다인 것_Being neither one nor the other but both 2021
91 cm x 137 cm x 22 cm
UV print on a zinc sheet, bent and rolled

“The sky at that moment was so beautiful that I even forgot about my long day.”
The work ‘Being neither one nor the other but both’ is a theme of the sunset sky of Paris in August 2017, and experiments with the conflicting concepts of photography and sculpture, as well as their different structures of time and space. The qualities of sculpture which are naturally imbued transform the existing photograph formatively and transcends the limits and boundaries of the two media. As a result, the work is a hybrid that carries both photographic as well as sculptural qualities and creates photographic space where to be able to experience, go back and imagine in our present. 19/07/21 Sunyoung Park