Crevices 2022





Crevices 2022
#1 20 cm x 27.5 cm
#2 11.5 cm x 28 cm
#3 15 cm x 28 cm
#4 14 cm x 28 cm
A photograph, cut and folded

For a while, I was numb with my emotions. The photographs I looked at didn't speak anything to me and had no attraction. They also were seemingly dead like me. With no intention, I try to cut them circa 1mm in the vertical direction and pierce a tiny hole or square up to the image. Interestingly, the dense cuttings created a surface and rhythm, depending on the size and image contents. And their gaps created tension between them. Come to think of it, since 2011, 'cutting' has been the most representative technique for dealing with photographs that I deal with when expanding photography. Paradoxically, the cutting issue that degrades images created some attractions that bring vitality not only to my emotional ego but to photographs. 09/05/22 Sunyoung Park