Form of landscape 1-2 2020


Form of landscape 1-3 2020


Form of landscape 2 2020
30 cm x 30 cm x 4 cm
UV print on a aluminum sheet

This work contains landscape from the site I traveled to southern Germany in 2017. Image on the site is recently manipulated in my home studio, then printed on industry material, -aluminum. I use landscape image and the material of landscape to blur distinctions between photography and sculpture. My works question how a photography exists in space by urging image and material to coexist. Firstly, I shaped in the static image iconic landscape into form, in which my photograph become the subject of these experimental and physical processes, which include being distorted, cut and bent within material. The sculptural interventions that I adopt fuse the staticity of my landscape image with physicality of the material of landscape. Secondly, I emphasize the architectural qualities that inquire the inside and the outside by proposing a new physical presence that has a life of its own beyond the original photograph. These are as much its own material as the image that it was born from. Finally, at times interrelated with physical space, my playful approach to installation suggests the own relationship with subjectivity to viewers. The photographic objects turn into a new presence beyond the original photograph, beyond boundaries, beyond natural and synthetic world. 25/08/20 Sunyoung Park