Form of landscape 1-1 2020


Form of landscape 1-2 2020




Form of landscape 5 2021
151 cm x 91 cm x 20 cm
UV print on a zinc sheet, bent and rolled

This is the last piece of the series 'Form of Landscape'. Each work of this series explored the way of creating space by photography. I started this work with a photograph taken in Jakarta in December 2018,when I have been looking at the sky after sudden heavy rainfall. The photograph is a physical piece of memory that does not only holds the photographed moment but is also the centre of a huge net of memories that are attached to the subject. I think that the photograph as object can be a substitute for the relationship between the subject and me. Therefore, I like to keep photographs in physical form around my studio to be able to go back to these memories when I want to. If photography speaks of the past and the absence of the object, then sculpture speaks of the present and of the presence of the object. It is interesting to bring together photography and sculpture and to experiment how these different constructions of space and time interact. Furthermore, the notion of place is not only experienced in photograph, which refers to a reality somewhere in time. Visitors and I also experience the presence of the place of photograph. It is also interesting to be transformed the concept of place in photography by integration of photograph into spatial material/object. In the end, photograph embodied by memories, its physicality and form interact with physical space, create photographic space where to be able to experience, go back and imagine in our present, beyond boundaries of two different media and of space and time. 16/02/21 Sunyoung Park