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Untitled 2020
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How does the photographed object(out of artist’s inspiration) become art ?

In the winter of 2018, black mold bloomed on the wall of the room where i rent in Seoul. I have designated mold as worthy of photographing to. The object within the photograph is not art in normal circumstances. But once the context has changed and once the object is displayed within the context of the Artworld. That is through a photograph presenting in a gallery or an art space, the object in the photo, like the ready-made, is transformed into art. This image of wall covered with mold would suggest that accept the fact that routine in everyday life. There will always be dirt spaces, from basement corner to idealized architectural pavilions, which contains and reveals the aesthetic disillusionment - the dirt and ugliness with which we have to live. 18/02/20 Sunyoung Park