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Photographic act 2019
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Can we be united together through photographs/images ? I am delighted to be part of ”The Scrap : HAPPY TOGETHER”, commiserating with the purpose of the Scrap organization team which supports Hong Kong protesters and citizen. These five images presented at this exhibition/event are the result of creation after a chain of process of the photographic act. Firstly, I have started to research photographs of scene in Hong Kong on Paris news and publications. Secondly, I have explored and utilized these photographs by collecting, appropriating, transforming, shooting and editing. Finally, I have recreated these images into a different medium. In this way, the digital photography as a trace material can be a material for an artwork, record the artwork, from it, makes a photo that itself is an artwork. Reality are not conducive to imagination, but art induces imagination. For me, the slightly curved outer angle, the subtle volume that is by the fold and winkle and upside-down images of images, are not simply visual, but multi-sensory, like a struggle of breathless resistance. Image, photography, art, people, life, on vague boundaries, HAPPY TOGETHER. 12/12/19, PARIS. Sunyoung PARK