Snowbell Tree 2021 1




Snowbell Tree 2021
15 cm x 49 cm x 0.8 cm
Inkjet prints on tracing paper, neodymium magnets

On Jeju island, I found trees with moss flowered on their bark. I was fascinated by the texture and quickly took some photographs of them. Back in Seoul, I selected tracing paper as support for this work and printed some of them out on it in sizes A4 and A3. Since images printed were neither transparent nor opaque, the tracing paper offered a surface that worked as both and allowed to discover their back despite the extra thin depth. While tearing it in two, images transformed into fragmented surfaces of photographic objects. While superposing them one and another, they created space through shadows. Throughout this sculptural intervention to images, I attempted to compensate for the photograph's loss to encompass the physical site it represents. Such photographic practice helps me to be conscious of nature. And, it allows me inner landscape encounters in-depth. 28/12/21 Sunyoung Park