The Wrong Place 2022-










The Wrong Place 2022-23
#1 28.5cm x 38cm x 3.5cm, digital C print on a sheet of tracing paper
#5 (Unusual Memory Phenomenon), 1189cm x 81cm x 16cm, UV print on a OHP film
others, size Variable, Photomontage

I think I physically do not belong anywhere. When I first recognized this, I felt that when I returned home a few years after leaving my home in Korea, with the feeling I believed it was my root. It was not a specific physical position that I lived as a nomadic subject and explained my unique identity with a new cultrual identity. In particular, it is a memory that experienced the death of a family member. My process of making images and spaces utilises my visual logic and photographic language as a means to make sense of the world and my experience within it. I do not refer to the meaning of a specific place in the work. Rather it homogenises the landscape in a way that the nature of photography welcomes. 20/12/22 Sunyoung Park